‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Predicts US Dollar Doom… Again

In a cataclysmic prophecy that could give Nostradamus a run for his money, Robert Kiyosaki, the oracle of personal finance and author of “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has sounded the alarm bells on America’s fiscal future. In a recent Fox Business interview, Kiyosaki painted a grim picture of the US economy, besieged by a monstrous debt pile, rampant inflation, and the potential collapse of the almighty dollar.

“America is broke right now,” Kiyosaki solemnly declared, with the gravitas of a modern-day Cassandra. According to him, the US government is in a financial chokehold, grappling with skyrocketing interest payments. The nation’s debt has ballooned from $22 trillion in 2013 to a staggering $34 trillion today. That’s a whopping 50% increase in just a decade, faster than a speeding bullet in economic terms.

Kiyosaki, never one to mince words, suggests that the US is on the brink of bankruptcy, teetering on the edge like a tightrope walker without a net. The government’s solution? Cranking up the money printers in a desperate bid to pay its colossal bills, a move that Kiyosaki warns will erode the value of the greenback faster than a sandcastle in a hurricane.

In a display that would make Scrooge McDuck proud, Kiyosaki held up a gold coin, touting it as a more reliable store of value than the US dollar, which he dismissed as mere paper they can print on a whim. He’s championing gold and silver as the financial lifeboats in this looming dollar Titanic scenario, as they can’t be conjured out of thin air.

But wait, there’s more doom and gloom on the horizon. While some market analysts are optimistically hoping for a soft landing from the Fed’s inflation-fighting measures, Kiyosaki scoffs at such fairy tales. He’s predicting a crash landing, envisioning a severe recession that would make the Great Depression look like a mild inconvenience.

In a dramatic flair worthy of a Shakespearean tragedy, Kiyosaki took to X (formerly Twitter) to warn of a financial apocalypse. “Soft landing is a fantasy,” he proclaimed, “Crash landing more likely.” He even paints a picture of the “3 Stooges” – the White House, the US Treasury, and the Fed – helming this fiscal fiasco.

Yet, in true Kiyosaki fashion, he sees a silver lining in this economic storm cloud. He believes that for the prepared and the brave, the next Great Depression could be the best time of their lives – a chance to snatch up bargains amid the market rubble. His advice? Stock up on gold, silver, and Bitcoin.

However, before you start building a bunker and hoarding precious metals, take a moment. Kiyosaki, a staunch Trump supporter and vocal critic of the Biden administration, has a history of dire predictions that have yet to materialize. The US economy and stock market have continued to defy his bleak forecasts. So, while his warnings should be heard, they should also be sprinkled with a healthy dose of skepticism.

In a nutshell, Robert Kiyosaki’s latest prophecy could either be a timely warning to brace for impact or another chapter in his book of unfulfilled doomsdays. Either way, it’s a financial rollercoaster that’s not for the faint of heart.